The RE-PLY Chair

In  the near future, this chair will become  a reality  and will be part of the history of design. This feeling  comes from the fact that this cardboard chair, created by San Francisco based designer Dan Goldstein, has a timeless vintage style like the one which characterizes the key pieces of the history of design, but at the same time fully represents our time: in addition to being ergonomic it is inexpensive , eco-friendly, customizable and independently-produced with community funds. In fact, you can book it/buy it on Kickstarter with the print and finish of your choice,  between fur or felt in any color you desire. It’s easy to think that  if  the Eames were alive today,  they might have designed it themselves.


Re-ply, Kickstarter

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Dan Goldstein

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Published on 16 Nov 2012

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